"We are a church that believes in missions

and outreach both locally and worldwide."


In the 16th century, Saint Theresa said to her novices,

"Christ has no body on earth now except yours.

No hands but yours, no feet but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which His love

has to look out upon the world.

Yours are the feet on which He has to go about doing good.

And yours are the hands with which He is to bless us now."


These are the ministries/missionaries that we currently help support:


CPC Pregnancy Center

1100 Sutton Rd

Adrian MI 49221 CPC website: www.cpclenawee.org


Child Evangelism of Michigan - Child Evangelism Fellowship is an international, Bible-centered, non-charismatic, faith ministry.

State Office: CEF of Michigan, 4301 W. Mount Hope Hwy., Lansing, MI 48917-9501 Ph: 517-322-219 Fax: 517-322-2199

E-mail: CEFofMichigan@cefmi.com CEF Website www.cefmi.com


CB International has become WorldVenture: www.worldventure.com

We support Missionary Marilee Morden - leadership training in Brazil


Rural Bible Missions, Rev. Dave Kurowicki

Sponsors "Bible Release Time" where public school children, with their parent's permission, are brought to a local church or meeting area where a pastor does a Bible lesson and sing songs, etc. Click on Events on the Home page to find the dates.


Ameri-Tribes www.ameritribes.org

P.O. Box 27346

Tucson, AZ 85726 phone: 520-670-9400 fax: 520-670-9444 email: info@ameritribes.org


Salvation Army 217 W. Maumee St, Adrian MI 49221


The Daily Bread of Lenawee Soup Kitchen

302 S. Tecumseh St., Adrian MI 49221 Ph: 517-266-0937


Evangelical Bible Mission - to the Philippines www.uedit.biz/wizard/templates/Faith/1019_FH/html/display.asp

P.O. Box 220565, West Palm Beach, FL 33422-0565


The Gideons International - businessmen delivering Bibles to the world www.gideons.org


Samaritan's Purse - providing relief and spreading the Gospel to the troubled of the world