To Serve

Hopefully, you are looking for a way to serve:

Current opportunities:

Audio-Visual: (there must be a better name for it, I just can't think of it at the moment): it's not that hard, you just have to pay attention to the sermon! And we have the most comfortable chairs in the whole church, except maybe the pastor's chair in his office.

>see Pastor Jamie or Joe Malak to schedule training; if you are under 15, ask your parents permission first; ability to concentrate is a pre-requisite along with moderate intelligence.

Newsletter: Betty wants more contributions to the newsletter. How about sending in a short review of some book you read or a movie you saw?

Ladies Aid: This is a wonderful group of ladies who make sure things get done and the community gets served.  They are responsible for all of the dinners that take place at SC3 and other serving opportunities at SC3 and in the community.  The Ladies Aid just bought the church new Bibles for the pews and chairs and just purchased new chairs for the basement fellowship area where the dinners are done.  A lot of what they can do comes from their monthly Bake Sales and donations to the Ladies Aid.

VBS: See Pastor Jamie or Ann Hinsdale-Knisel about taking part in this.