Dear Friends,

Not only is February the month of

“love”, this year is a Leap Year. This

year February has 29 days instead of

28. I always felt bad for February, I

never understood why we couldn’t take a day from two

months with 31 days and give them to February. We

have 7 months that have 31 days, 4 months with 30

days and one month, February with 28/29 days. Then

we would have 7 months with 30 days and 5 months

with 31 and we would totally mess with that song to

remember what months had what days and February

wouldn’t have to feel left out anymore. What’s the

point? The point is that it doesn’t matter what month

has what number of days and that one of those days is

to celebrate “love”, every day we should celebrate love

but not romantic love (even though romantic love is

wonderful) but we should celebrate Divine Love,

Agape Love, the love of The Father, the love talked

about in John 3:16 that said that the Father loves us so

much that He gave His only Son so we could have real

life, eternal life, the best life and it was all motivated

by love. The wonderful, awesome, love from heaven.

Pastor Jamie


SC3 Youth Group News


Sunday, February 2

Souper Bowl of Caring Outreach Event

Lunch provided by the teens after church

Donations given to the Daily Bread of Adrian

Sunday, February 9

Youth Group Meeting

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Sunday, February 23


Youth Group Outing

Winter Jam 2020

EMU Convocation Center

$15 admission

Leaving the church at 4 pm.

**Adult chaperones/drivers needed – youth group will

pay admission for chaperones**

Follow us on Facebook for more information.

  Contact Sarah Thomas (673-2559) or Emily

Markham (260-0906) with questions or to help with

the youth.

Sunday School Supt. Report

February 2020


We continue to collect food and personal items for our

local food pantries.

The Church collected $1008.00 in change during the

Christmas season.  It was used to purchase small

animals, bees and fruit trees for international families

through Samaritan's Purse.

We are interested in sending young people to Christian

Retreats this coming winter (Springhill??? or

Michindoh??).  See Sarah Thomas  or Lori Pawson if

you are interested so we can get registrations sent in.

 We will need Adult Chaperones to drive students to

the Retreat. 

The Robert Schamberger Family agreed to decorate the

Church for 2019 Christmas …thank you for such a

nice job.  Teresa Bauer gave leadership to purchasing

memorial poinsettias…thank you! Also thanks to



Robert Hinsdale and Steve Waltz for setting up the

outside manager scene.

Sarah Brown and helpers gave leadership to the

December 22 Children's Christmas Play/Program.

Thanks to all who participated.  Our Church Family

helped two local families with gifts during the

Christmas Season…thanks to all who were involved. 

We appreciate the children who lead the Advent

devotions during the Christmas Season: Chloe Driskill,

Maddox Wheeler, Nathan Hunt, Josh Thomas, Ellie

Driskill, Owen McMillin, Lillian Donelson, and

Maddie Osburn.

The Adult Sunday School Class is making and serving

dinner for Share the Warmth clients January 25.   They

are also hosting a breakfast for those 50 and older at

the Family Restaurant (corner of Treat and US 223)

January 24 and February 19 at 8:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Ann Hinsdale-Knisel Deb Gallatin-Hertler

Sunday School Supt. Assistant Supt. 


Religious Community

Young person spends one hour or

more per week in religious activities.

The 40 developmental assets, as

documented by Search Institute, are the essential

building blocks that help all youth make positive

choices, and grow into confident, responsible, healthy,

and caring citizens. The more assets young people

have, the less likely they are to engage in risky

behaviors, and the more likely they are to succeed in


Studies by Search Institute show that youth who

participate in religious activities at least one hour per

week, have an average of five more assets than those

who don’t participate. Emerging research shows that

in addition to engaging in religious activity, these

young people experience many other assets as part of

the faith community and their own faith commitment.

As youth are recognized as gifts from God,

congregations strive to nurture all areas of young

persons’ lives in addition to nurturing their faith.

What can you do to increase this Asset?


At home:

 Attend church as a family.

 Pray before your meals.

 Encourage your children and their friends to

participate in religious activities.

 Volunteer as a family at your church (to read

scripture, light the candles, help at the food pantry,

teach a class, provide special music, mentor

another family)

At school:

 Don’t schedule school activities that conflict

with important religious holidays, and be

sure to consider the many different faiths

and traditions in your school.

In your congregation:

 Pray for the youth in your church and in our


 Encourage youth leadership and input in the

development of activities for youth. Listen to

what youth say they want.

 Create a climate within your youth programming

that is warm, friendly, welcoming, and accepting

of all youth.

In your community:

 Include representatives from the faith

community - wide task forces and


 Partner with local congregations in

sponsoring events for youth.

What youth can do:

 Pray for your friends and other youth in our


 Volunteer at your church.

 Participate in activities at your church or your

friend’s church.

From What Kids Need to Succeed by Peter Benson, Ph.D., Judy Galbraith, M.A. and

Pamela Espeland.

Deadline for March Newsletter

Information for the March newsletter should be mailed

to Betty Driskell at 633 S. Madison St. Adrian, MI

49221. You can also call her (517-263-1339) or email

her at by Wednesday