... friendliness!

If you come into church and it's quiet, you've either come

on the wrong day, the wrong time, somebody died, or you're not in Sand Creek.

Many churches, the people enter and are quiet and worshipful until the service starts.

But at Sand Creek we're glad to see you and we show it.

It might have been a week or more since we've seen you,

and we have to catch up and find out how you are!

We're not disrespectful; we just have a different way

of showing our love and fellowship with our fellow believers.


... a traditional service!

And not just because we've always done it that way.

We actually prefer the wonderful old hymns and choruses

mixed with the best of the newer songs.


...a convenient time!


Our Sunday School is from 9 a.m.-9:40 a.m. 


-Currently, we have classes for:

>Pre-school thru kindergarten - 


>2nd grade - 4th grade


> Junior High


>High School


>Young adults (College age on up; (married couples, singles; it's a great mix)


>Adults (This is a more "mature" class)


And Morning Worship Service is from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.


... easy entry! ...and handicapped accessible!

There are only 2 entry points into our church, so it's hard to go wrong.

1. The old entry, directly off the street, is fine if you're getting to church early.

Just go up the stairs, through the prayer room and across the stage.

But you missed the bulletin, so you'll have to go down to the new front doors anyway.

But if you're getting there late, you might be able to shake the minister's hand in the middle of his sermon.

But you can go down the stairs instead, cross through the kitchen and dining area and up to the other entryway.

So you can't really go wrong.


2. The new entry is off the parking lot.

There is now a brand new steeple on this side of the building, so both sides of our church look churchy.

There will be a greeter or greeters to hand you a bulletin

and answer any questions you have.

The new rest rooms are just inside the new entryway.


The church is now handicapped accessible. It was one of the reasons for the remodel.

1. There are 2 handicapped parking spots near the new front entryway.

2. A ramp leads up to the doors.

3. A lift is in the foyer when you get inside to take you up to the sanctuary or down to the dining/kitchen.

The only difference between our lift and a regular elevator is you have to hold the button down for the floor

you're going to until the door opens.

If you let go of the button, time will stand still and you will be stuck until you push again.